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Studio relaunch: new tech, same passionate storytelling

Our critical listening room is here for your production to be executed with the prisitine controlled listening environment for accuracy and detailed mixes.


I'm thrilled to relaunch my production studio with the latest technology and professional capability to produce well-crafted music and sound design in a creative process that's personalized and conceived to serve and enhance the emotional arc of your story. 


I'm passionate about putting music at the service of interdisciplinary arts and offering my work as part of a creative team.  


I tackle my tasks working inside creative teams with confidence and openness knowing we are in it to serve the story. I'm in the business of storytelling.  I thrive in  the process and development of dramaturgy. I make music that supports the underlying emotional drive.

Drawn in by drama

My first love has been the theatre. When I was six years old I'd sneak into the rehearsal room in the basement of the old Maristas School in Caracas, Venezuela, where Theatre Director and actor Basilio Alvarez used to work on the production of The Little Prince. I was completely fascinated with the way they worked by active improvisation and repetition. It marked me on a deep level.


I immediately started trying out acting and directing my own theatrical adventures, and by the time I was 16 I'd  already experience acting and directing thanks to my literature and drama teacher Leopoldo Ayala, in Liceo Los Arcos.



In between my experiences with drama. my beloved teacher Carlos Belfort who was the Choir Conductor empowered me by giving me the opportunity to conduct the school choir at age 11, only three years after my beginnings as a choir boy..


By the time I was 20, I would apply to theatre workshops in Caracas, and once I was admitted as an actor, I would timidly mention: "Oh, by the way, I also compose music. Would you be interested in me writing the score for the play?" And that's how I got to start writing for drama and comedy.

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