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Gonzalo, Antonio Zubillaga Sahagun, presents himself as a very special breed of interdisciplinary composer. He has worked as a composer, providing services for dramaturgy and music production in the theater, film, and publicity for over 27 years.
Additionally, he has had an academic career in five different conservatoires worldwide
Including Venezuela, Spain, the Netherlands, and the United States of America. Recently as part of his research in the Netherlands. He dived into taking responsibility for the stories that aren't being told. In full control of writing and pre-producing shooting. Raising money and finishing the post-production of the first fictional documentary. Commemorating, seven years of recovery.

Las crónicas de un caraqueño confundido
Operetta bufa Act I


Program notes:

The Chronicles is a libretto and scored first act written between September-December 2023 under the generous composition cathedra of Doctor Zhou, Long. Act I is fundamentally an anthropological search for meaning and identity in the life of Chalo. A schizophrenic character an alter, ego of the Composer, The first iteration was composed in both obbligatos for the romantic orchestra-chorus and aleatoric parts for soloist, choir, and a seven-piece chamber ensemble. You can hear the recording here.


This is music born out of the gesture of the words, movement, and tonal inflections of verbal and non-verbal language as the incorporation of the jargon acquired idiomatically through the journey of the different paradigms and idiosyncrasies of three different continents where this character has lived. What I mean by this is the musicality is based specifically on gestures and nonverbal communication of Venezuela, Spain, and the US. the aleatoric ensemble was asked to work closely with Zubillaga for 21 sessions in this methodology incorporating some of their native gestures.


For this specific collaboration, with Abby and the Perc Artistic Guild, we decided to perform the piece using only a few instruments and two players. Since we believe that you never play the same music twice not because of any musical revision of the piece, but because after Time evolves in you, through your travels and the experimental field, that life is. when you revisit old music, you are not the same hence, you experience the Kairos of the piece and its time in a different way.


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