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As an Artist, I believe my vocation is to seek God. Seeking unity inside and with nature, in all awareness that creation is One, resonating back into The Source. This is a way through the transcendentals; some call them the absolutes — goodness, truth, and beauty. I do not believe it is relevant to others in this time and age. Still, the path to my true conversion as a human is through Jesua, the ultimate and only true rabbi, I don’t know how we may arrive, but we must all point back to kindness, to love , and a deeper awareness of the Spirit of God, earth, the universe and creation as our loving playground. These spiritual principles are a loving practice of daily discipline and play. Through them, I encounter my artistic expression as a child when he discovers he can paint, scribble, run, sing, and dance to speak his heart. He is perplexed, in awe, and in absolute wonder of the gift. There are forces at play beyond my comprehension here, this gift is a river that runs deeper than audiences see or hear. I do not make art for myself any more than I make it for anyone else. It is a breath, a sign, and a wonder of being taken by a loving force, a rapture of an ever-expansive present and presence in Him, The Advocate’s eternal flow that only happens in the now. I have gone through many stages in my career so far, I finally see that what I do matters very little, what I fail, suffer, or surrender, what I am able to conjure or invent. That my art, so to speak, will be liked or heated was never the point, that I make some money, or I fail at that too, but to get to a place of full honesty and take ownership of my own story, of my healing process through the creative adventures of my mind body and soul, in a true anthropological search for my own humanity, and encourage others to seek their own. Not to prove something or to misrepresent, but to live in deep joy, through gratitude in life and love a full-on rainbow, at play and wonder with a childlike heart. Telling stories is at the core of my body; connecting them through sound, words, and moving images or the stage to heal through them is part of the journey. And I know now many more will be revealed. This gets me out of bed and into the mysteries of this world and the unseen. Calling me, bringing it home through this long trip that, in the grand scheme of things, is only a short fart in the wind. What a lovely paradox we sustain inside. And how it liberates me deeply.

Our Story

The Zubillagas and Kairos

Kairos and Zubillaga’s: The Logo, was designed by The Zubillaga’s. Zubi in basque means bridge and Zubillaga means place of bridges. My wife Kim helped me build the logo for Kairos on Canva and Later recorded the wave of her voice saying, “in Kairos”.

Kairos comes from the two concepts of time of the ancient Greeks and the idea that a more realistic and accurate relationship with time this Kairos, in contrast with Cronos, is an experience that is not measurable. The right time. Christians adopted it as God’s time, which is absolute and perfect—a gift in the ever-expansive present.

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