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Mission Statement

Kairos Music Composition Studio LLC is a dedicated company that provides engaging and life-long-lasting relationships through services in scoring for dramaturgy at any level, from peripheral companies trying to fit in a first punch into the storytelling/media industries to medium-sized production companies to big film/TV/theater/dance and gaming studios.


Our mission is to serve stories that create meaningful, socially relevant content and bring societal awareness and empowerment through engaging, entertaining, and unique interdisciplinary art outcomes. These outcomes provide humanizing experiences, adding substantial value to the world for the greater good.

The Anti-commercial Marketing Strategy

Right now, we employ three different strategic organic marketing tools. That we believe are humanizing and innovative.

Let's have coffee and make a video call or phone call if you are our partners and loved ones inside and outside of the industries. We wish to actively seek new partnerships. Let's hang/chill or as we call it: let's do some lingering, lots and lots of lingering.

Meet Gonzalo Zubillaga the Founder/Lead composer here at Kairos:

Google meets:

Phone: +1 913-3787895

A Story of Resurrection Film:

We are currently working on Kairos Film's first medium length fictional documentary written since March with Natalia Hoyos-Cordido and shot this amazing fall season in 2023.

A Story of Resurrection, where we commeorate 7 years of recovery and we ask the audience a fundamental question: Is it possible to have a second awakening in one lifetime? See the Teaser link below

Private link:

 Las Crónicas de un Caraqueño Confundido, Operetta Buffa:

Tells the story of Chalo, an immigrant Clown that no one believes In his story Chalo just wanted to be a clown and suffers mentally and spiritually from marginalization comming from a very different paradigm. Act I has been mocked and written in 16 weeks in the context of an advance composition class at UMKC conservatoire under Dr. Zhou, Long Pulitzer price winner for his first Opera Madam White Snake.

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kairosPhoto from Augusta Sahagun de Z_ed

Who Do We Work With?


Anyone wanting to create value has a unique artistic voice in empowering others to have their own. These are storytellers, filmmakers, songwriters, theater directors, choreographers, tv producers, educators, and game developers. When we speak about the greater good, we base our mission on taking actions that honor fundamental human rights, as they appeared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Paris,1948).


Set up a call! Play..

Fun fact about our names:


Kairos and Zubillaga’s: The Logo, was designed by The Zubillaga’s. Zubi in basque means bridge and Zubillaga means place of bridges. My wife Kim helped me build the logo for Kairos on Canva and Later recorded the wave of her voice saying, “in Kairos”.

Kairos comes from the two concepts of time of the ancient Greeks and the idea that a more realistic and accurate relationship with time this Kairos, in contrast with Cronos, is an experience that is not measurable. The right time. Christians adopted it as God’s time, which is absolute and perfect—a gift in the ever-expansive present.


Photography credits: Paz Zubillaga
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