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A Story of Resurrection Fictional doc.

A Story of Resurrection ( What was Left after My War) is a medium-length fictional documentary film about an anonymous composer commemorating his recovery from 7 years of a full life through the 12 steps and going back to his music which in his experience points back to a Higher Power, a universal resonance, of his conception or God. The Film has three argumental lines: The Story of the climatic piece, the Ephphatha moment or M21, The metaphors of the twelve steps and analogies with biblical bestiary, and the fact that we experience the movie being inside the head of the composer. The question we post is: Is it possible to have a second flight, a rebirth, or a second awakening in one lifetime? Written by: Gonzalo Zubillaga and Natalia Hoyos-Cordido in the context of Artistic research facilitated by ArtEZ Music Conservatory in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Synopsis Gonzalo is an anonymous Venezuelan musician who’s traveled the world, suffering from mental illness and addiction. He is currently residing in Kansas, USA, and is pursuing a master's degree at the University of Missouri Kansas City. To complete this postgraduate degree, you must submit A Story of Resurrection, the musical piece on which you are currently working. In the arduous and pleasant work involved in composing a melody, we will also obtain the reflection of a long recovery process that began seven years ago. Every day in front of the piano and the computer is also a day of steps to deal with the weaknesses that can bring you back to your vices. While Gonzalo struggles with his internal and external obstacles we will be able to witness how A story of Resurrection will finally be played by the UMKC orchestra. The film starts with a realization that the orchestra couldn’t play the music well enough, so he continues his journey to find Clockwork Studio and find the means to record the final CUE M21 Ephphatha. Once the room is silent and the instruments are put away again, in the same way, Gonzalo will return to himself and the next day he will begin again with all the necessary steps to not deviate from the path.



1- The common thread is the compositions that CHARACTER is making along with the poem. The main composition is A story of resurrection. Determine objectives and obstacles. It began as an investigation of the idiomatic behavior of the string section in the acoustic phenomenon.

2- The daily routine and the 12 steps of recovery (chapters) and how to apply spiritual principles to human problems. 3- Visual metaphors, sounds, voices, sound design, and plans, to delve into Gonzalo's head. It places us inside the head of the character/narrator

3- Visual metaphors, sounds, voices, sound design, and plans, to delve into THE CHARACTER head. It places us inside the head of the character/narrator AND ANONYMOUS COMPOSER.

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About us

Who are the key actors, producers, and directors of the film?

Cinematography: Ana Soffer

Direction/production: Gonzalo Zubillaga

Actors: Gonzalo Zubillaga, Paz Zubillaga, Ana Soffer, Kim Zubillaga

Apperances: Nestor Ali Quinones, Maria Ilardi, Natalia Hoyos-Cordido

 Media Management/Editor: Paz Zubillaga/Gonza Zubillaga

Audio: Gonzalo Zubillaga

Composer: Gonzalo Zubillaga


Requested Amount $ 26,000

Realities of Full Production Guerrilla Film

Detailed Budget Estimate Cost Description

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